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Industry - Cement Industry
Program - Corporate Gifting

One of India's largest cement manufacturers was looking for a one stop solution which could ensure clear and crisp communication. At the same, ensure better recall value, visibility and ensure loyalty.One of India's largest cement manufacturers with operations across the country wanted to communicate the superior quality of its product to the people who actually use the cement i.e. Masons and Engineers and get them to endorse the product.

Initially eYantra started with a detailed market study, where eYantra identified the opinion leaders at different levels in the Construction business and designed products that appeal to them.

At the planning and designing phase it is the Architects and Engineers. During the actual construction phase it was the contractors and masons. While at a trade level it was the Distributors and Dealers.

eYantra's challenge was to devise unique merchandising gifting solutions, which would be functional while at the same time represent the quality value proposition of the Client. eYantra designed and developed high quality leather set accessories for the Architects, Engineers, Distributors and Dealers. And Masons were given a specially designed kit which comprised of a Flatter, Leveler, Measuring Tape, Shovel etc along with T shirts and Caps.

Outcome :
eYantra, has truly been a one-stop-shop for all the gifting and communication requirements. The branded merchandise one of India's largest cement manufacturers was much sought after and created a very positive feel for the brand. eYantra's strategy played a crucial role while attaining the desired objective, ensuring clients motive to be fulfilled.

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