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Enhancing the brand equity of IPL franchisee through Merchandising

Industry - Sports
Program - Sports Merchandising

A major part of any IPL season is the Merchandise that goes along with it. Fans eagerly seek to possess these merchandising products and show their support for their teams.

One of the prominent name in the IPL franchisee was looking for a Merchandising partner who could design the non-Jersey range of merchandising products. We wanted to reflect it as a people's team. It aims to be recognized as the most significant, progressive and valuable franchisee in the IPL - a brand who's social, sporting and entertainment values create loyalty, aspiration and embraces the community at every level. Our vision is to promote franchisee and ensure sense of belongingness among fans

Sports and Celebrity merchandising increases the merchandiser's brand exposure, enhances the brand's image, and leads it to new markets. Sports team merchandising ensures a sense of belonging amongst their fans, who feel proud to wear their team's merchandised goods, such as T-shirts and Caps .The challenge faced by eYantra was in designing the merchandize keeping in mind two very important demographic profiles - the youth and the cultural ethos.

The Promotional Merchandise: eYantra came up with a range of products that would reflect the local element on the one hand while at the same time be high on the design value:

  • Pagadi
  • Kada
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Lassi Glass
  • Wrist bands

The Distribution: While eYantra made available the merchandise to the IPL franchisee for distribution at tournament venues, it deployed additional formats as well for connecting with the customers. These were:

  • Yatra - Store on wheels : IT Campuses and Housing Complexes in Chandigarh
  • Accessories Retail Points
  • Restaurants and Pubs

Outcome :
eYantra did a remarkable job in conceptualizing, prototyping, producing and launching the range in a span of just 40 days. The range was widely appreciated by the fans and the client. Tapping the non-traditional retail channels was also a unique feature that only the IPL franchisee could boast of thanks to eYantra's strong ideation and execution team.

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