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Driving Business Growth through Incentivizing Channel Behavior

Industry - Telecom
Program - Channel Partner Incentive Program
Employee (FOS) Coverage - 300

A leading Telecom service provider with global repute was looking to create an incentive framework would help them achieve consistent growth with the following specific objectives

  • Enhance Sales through the demonstration of High Performance Behaviors
  • Increase Return on Effort
  • Increase focus on cross selling & up selling
  • Ensure consistency in performance
  • Curb attrition during the first 4-5 months of an FOS' tenure
  • Attract Talent by enhancing the "Employer Brand"

eYantra designed an incentive program called "Powerplay" - a point based incentive program themed on cricket & personal financial planning principles to ensure early adoption through the usage of relational nomenclature like Runs, Strike Rate, PF, interest etc.

eYantra designed the complete framework concept, point calculation engine, online redemption portal, marketing strategy for the program and a complete range of collateral for the proliferation drive. High engagement is being created through a series of interventions that include sms based campaigns and catalog promotions

Key features and their impact on specific objectives

    Key Program Features
  • Threshold based incentive system
  • Deferred Benefit Realization by splitting points earned into take home & PF
  • Powerplay - 5th & 10th month of an FOS' tenure that has a higher incentive multiplier
  • Free Hit Bonus for consistent achievers
    Outcomes being driven
  • Drives multiple achievements & new competency development
  • Drive Longetivity in the organization
  • Reduce attrition during first 4 months & provide a thrust in momentum, that usually dips during the middle span of any event
  • Drives the essence of consistency

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