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Driving High Performance Behaviors across a Global Workforce

Industry - Information Technology
Program - Multiple (Global Reward Program, Long Service Awards & Privilege Club)
Rewards Employee Coverage - 35000

A leading Indian IT company needed to rejuvenate its workforce in the aftermath of a crisis that the company encountered towards the end of the last decade. eYantra partnered with the company to co-create a completely new R&R framework that maintained a fine balance between milestone and performance based rewards and was built through radical innovation.

eYantra created a model based R&R framework on the foundations of value proposition and business alignment. As part of this framework, eYantra introduced the following programs:

  • Replaced the existing Long Service Award program with RewardX, an online reward portfolio with a host of highly aspirational rewards. RewardX was able to generate the same level of excitement at a much reduced cost, thus enabling budget optimization.
  • "Glocalized Associate of the Month program" which enabled the organization to run centralized reward programs for associates across its global locations. The online catalog was built on the basis of an in-depth consumer behavior study of each global market.
  • Created the Privilege Club, a unique umbrella reward program that functions on the innovative "Collaborative Subsidy Sharing Model" to drive multiple desired behaviors.

  • 40% increase on the R&R parameters of the company‚Äôs annual employee engagement survey.
  • Proliferation of desired behaviors across geographical boundaries ensured a more closely connected workforce.
  • Recently rewarded by NHRD as the No.1 company in R&R practices in the Indian IT Sector.
  • Overall attrition levels maintained under 15% since the launch of the new framework.

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