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Industry - Information & Communication Technology
Program - On the Spot Rewards
Rewards Employee Coverage - 25000

One of India’s largest exporters of ICT services needed to rebuild their RnR program to rejuvenate its workforce. This particular company rewarded achievements beyond the call of stipulated KRA’s through a program called Pat on the Back which lost its sheen over the years. eYantra partnered with the organization to re-create the magic that this award program once enjoyed.

eYantra knew it must create a reward product that is not only high on value proposition but also experiential in nature. This lead to the creation of a reward solutions called the Box Office Movie Bonanza aka BOMB. The BOMB was designed with a focus on creating an experience which transformed into a cherished memory that could be relished by the reward recipient and enjoyed along with a loved one.

  • Pat on Back Utilization increased from 64% to 89% within 6 months of the inception of BOMB
  • BOMB has become a Brand that all employees have started aspiring for. Employees have been heard saying "I won a BOMB" instead of "I got a Pat on Back".
  • BOMB has enabled an 11% cost saving.

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