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Enhanced adoption of the Culture of Recognition

Industry - Oil & Gas
Program - Nomination Based
Rewards Employee Coverage - 4000

One of India’s largest Petroleum Company was interested in creating a reward program that could drive high performance outcomes and help build a culture of recognition in the organization. eYantra partnered with the Oil & Gas Major to build a point based system that focused on instigating consistent performance and a reward catalog that was highly aspirational for its diverse workforce that worked in manufacturing plants, sales and corporate offices across India.

eYantra created an online reward redemption portal that linked with the nomination based program to provide a vast reward catalog that covered over 500 products across 15 categories and over 50 popular brands. Within 3 months of the start of the engagement eYantra was able to introduce a special locally sourced catalog that created a ‘wow factor’ for over 2000 plant workers that worked in highly industrial towns.

  • Successful in driving high performance from employees by building a culture of recognition in the organization.
  • Satisfaction amongst employees located even in the remote locations.
  • 7% reduction in attrition rate
  • Over 250 reward redemptions per month

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